| 2023-04-20

Personal Blog

    This personal blog project utilizes Next.js and local static MDX files as the data source. An interesting aspect of the blog is its ability to automatically open local MDX files in Visual Studio Code for convenient editing. This will only work for authenticated users .

    Visit my personal blog to see the project in action.

    The tech stack for this project includes the following key libraries and frameworks:

    • Next.js: A popular framework for building React applications.
    • React: The core library for creating user interfaces.
    • MDX: A format for combining Markdown and JSX, used for the blog content.
    • Supabase: In this project, it's used solely for authentication.
    • ag-Grid: A feature-rich grid library used for creating complex tables.
    • Tailwind CSS: A utility-first CSS framework for styling components.
    • TypeScript: A superset of JavaScript that adds static types.

    These dependencies, along with other essential libraries, work together to create a functional and efficient personal blog.

    Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this post, I invite you to explore more of my site. I write about web development, programming, and other fun stuff.