As a software developer, my focus is on the web stack, with a particular interest in content creation. I strive to develop tools for content creation and content management. You can find some of my experiments, projects and posts below.

Experiments 🧪

Each of these experiments represent a solution to a unique challenge requiring a problem solving approach. Browse through the experiments and try them out.

A modern React-based chat component that uses real-time features from Supabase, an open-source Firebase alternative.

Blog Tool MVP is a minimalistic blogging platform designed for testing and demo purposes. It enables Supabase authenticated users to add, edit, and manage blog posts within a Supabase database table.

A Rodney Dangerfield quote api.

A simple tool to generate Mitch Hedberg quotes.

Projects 🧰

Each project presented here is a publicly deployed example of my work. Browse through the projects and explore.

The Todos App is a user-friendly, web-based application designed to simplify task management.

This personal blog project utilizes Next.js and local static MDX files as the data source.

An online platform that allows users to submit films for a 60 second film festival.

Blog ⌨️

This is where I share my latest work, notes, tutorials, and opinions on software development.

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Learn how to create descriptive PR messages, respond to code reviews, and update your PR with additional changes for a smoother collaborative experience on GitHub.

Dive deep into creating and managing branches with GitHub Flow. This session focuses on branching and working on your feature effectively using GitHub.

GitHub Flow is a lightweight, branch-based workflow that supports teams and projects where deployments are made regularly.

About 🔎

My programming journey began with Python scripting for 3D graphics rendering in the late 1990s. Around the same time, I delved into PHP and WordPress for web development. Over the past several years, I have worked with JavaScript mainly, and am currently focused on TypeScript, React, Next.js, and TailwindCSS. I have a background in graphic design, art, filmmaking and photography. I attended art school at The San Francisco Art Institute, and pursued liberal arts studies at college. My education is ever ongoing and lies at the heart of my life's ambitions. Contact me for more information.