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Project Overview

Project Title: Blog Tool

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Purpose: To provide a user-friendly app to manage their blog content efficiently.

Technology Stack:

  • Frontend: Next.js, React Markdown, Rehype
  • Backend: Supabase
  • Data Management: AG Grid
  • Authentication: Supabase


  • Read, write, edit, and delete blog posts
  • Accepts markdown as input
  • Switching between database tables
  • User-friendly interface
  • Integration with Supabase and AG Grid for enhanced data management
  • MDX and Rehype libraries for formatting.


  • Provide a streamlined app for creating and managing blog content
  • Simplify formatting with React Markdown and Rehype libraries
  • Enhance data management with Supabase and AG Grid
  • Create a user-friendly interface for bloggers to use
  • Expected Outcome: An efficient and effective blogging tool that simplifies the process of creating and managing blog content.

Screen Capture

Blog Tool

Screen Capture

Project Summary

Blog tool is essentially a content creation app that allows users to create and manage their blog content. It is designed to be a user-friendly app that simplifies the process of creating and managing blog content. It is built with Next.js, Supabase, AG Grid, MDX libraries, and Rehype.

The app allows the user to read, write, edit, and delete his blog posts with ease. It accepts markdown or MDX as input, which makes it easier for users to focus on their content without worrying about formatting. Additionally, switching database tables is simple, and users can do it effortlessly.

The integration of Supabase and AG Grid provides users with an enhanced data management experience. Supabase offers a secure and scalable backend, ensuring data is stored and retrieved securely. AG Grid simplifies the display and management of large amounts of data, making it easier for users to manage their blog content.